Welcome to SUSSA-SRT’s documentation!

Planning tools

  • basie (schedule creator)
  • Exposure Time Calculator

(Quicklook) Analysis Software in antenna

Data formats (to be?) supported

  • nuragheFits
  • gildas
  • sdfits
  • psrfits
  • HDF5?


  • psrcat
  • Flux and polarization calibrators

Propose new software or data formats here!

Developer Documentation

This is the (in-development) developer documentation for the user support software at SRT

See our Github repository, submit issues, interact!

Explore our working Docker images

Create a Docker container

  • First of all: learn by example! Check out a few examples.
  • Create a new repository in the SUSSA-SRT organization
  • Create a file called Dockerfile with the right instructions (see examples above).
  • Then, log in to Docker Hub, click on Create->Create Automated build->Github button->SUSSA-SRT->repository
  • Wait for the build to complete! Depending on the software packages you are compiling, it might take the time of a few coffees, including toasting and grinding each coffee bean.

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